We offer a comprehensive range of cleaning services. Below you will find all the servcies we offer

Solutions For The Home

We provide a range of competitive home cleaning services to residential householders in Newport and surrounding towns and cities. Including as they do combinations or room and/or carpet or rug type, these packages are excellent value and can include

  • Home Carpet Cleaning
  • Upholstery
  • Rugs
  • Stain Treatment
  • Pet Odour Removal
  • Floor Stripping and Resealing

Solutions For Small Business Owners

If you are a small business owner, Tri-aqua cleaning can offer a variety of office cleaning services for your company. We have a number of notable partners in and around Newport and a very solid reputation for good service in the small business sector.

  • Office Carpet Cleaning
  • Full Office Cleaning
  • Floors And Surfaces
  • Floor Stripping and Resealing
  • Cleaning Of New Builds
  • Tenant Departure/Occupation Cleanup

Solutions For Commercial Industrial Businesses

For over 20 years we have used our extensive experience to assist our customers with their company premises cleaning requirements. Possible options for your business include

  • Comprehensive Carpet Cleaning
  • Upholstery And Covers
  • Floors and Surfaces
  • Full Office Cleaning
  • New Build Cleaning
  • End Of Tenancy/Pre-tenancy

Domestic Carpet Cleaning

We know carpets and are experts in using Dry-Fusion low moisture cleaning to deliver the very highest standard of home carpet rejuvenation and cleanliness.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Clean offices are important and we specialise in Industrial-strength cleaning for very busy companies with serious footfall on carpeted areas in their commercial buildings.

Office Cleaning

Clean and comfortable sofas, chairs and seating furniture feel and look much more inviting after a thorough cleaning treatment from our upholstery experts.

New Build Cleaning

New Build Cleaning is a tough job and require skilled cleaners and the use of right tools and consumables, to get the best results.

Tenancy Cleaning

When renting a house is involved, you want it to look clean for ether new tenants or if you’re leaving the house; clean to get your full deposit back, our service is here to help you with that.

Expert Stain Removal

Had a party and you find a red wine stain on your new white carpet? Don’t panic! Give us a call as soon as you can and our expert will be on hand to help you out.

Rug Cleaning

Cleaning rugs can be an overlooked but defiantly important service that we offer, making sure to give a worn and used rug a new fresh look, making it look the best it can be.

Upholstery Cleaning

Clean offices are important and we specialise in Industrial-strength cleaning for very busy companies with serious footfall on carpeted areas in their commercial buildings.

A little bit more information on the services we offer

Domestic Carpet Cleaning Service

We’re right at home cleaning and revitalising your carpets

We know the importance of clean home carpeting for families, especially with young children around. It’s amazing how much the condition of a house’s carpets can affect the enjoyment of relaxing at home. Carpeting that is clean brings a touch of lightness and freshness to a room, while the opposite can make the living area look and feel drab and tired. Using the industry-leading Dry Fusion low moisture method we specialise in rejuvenating the look and feel of carpets in a way few others can.

We are experts in domestic carpet cleaning with many thousands of satisfied customers and the experience that comes from cleaning the flooring surfaces of so many homes (and of course, our commercial office experience as well).

It’s taken us 20 years to refine our methods and we know a thing or two about the key ingredients that go into a quality cleaning of rugs, carpeted surfaces and chair coverings.  Our home customers can be demanding so we know we need to walk the talk and we do. Which is why our team are so highly rated by the communities we serve.

You may be wondering what goes into making the Tri-Aqua difference. Basically doing the right things in the right way with one or two special ingredients thrown in.

Typically a cleaning session at your home will include the following stages;

  • Pre-Inspection
  • Moving Furniture
  • Pre-Vacuum
  • Pre-Spray and Pre-Spotting
  • Extraction and Rinse
  • Speed Drying
  • Post inspection

What’s important of course is what happens at each of the above stages, especially several that are really key.  That’s what our approach is all about – a cleaning process that distills our knowledge gained over several decades in the business, into a tried and tested, proven, level of carpet cleaning excellence.

That’s why we can confidently make our promise to you;

  • You will be able to walk on your carpets almost immediately
  • Carpets will not suffer from shrinkage or stretching
  • Our in-house method sanitises the carpets and frees them from bacteria and mould.
  • We won’t leave any significant level of cleaning residue in your carpets
  • There will be no lingering cleaning smells or wet, damp odours
  • Our approach is safe for those suffering from asthma or allergies.
  • Our process is no problem for babies and Pets.
  • We’re a 100% Local business and understand our community

Finally – We will not be beaten on price

Of course, we understand that you will want to compare us with other companies in your area and we are very confident in our offering and promise. However, just in case, here are the key areas we’d recommend you discuss with any prospective home carpet cleaning service you’re considering;

Three Key Characteristics Of A Good Domestic Carpet Cleaning Service

When it comes to getting the most out of your household flooring, you will need to take advantage of the assistance that a high-quality carpet cleaning company can provide you with. There are many professional carpet cleaners will assist you with whatever work you are looking for. By finding the help and service of contractors who are great at what they do, you will always know you are covered and able to make the most out of your carpets from a cleanliness and health perspective. Factor in these points below and rest assured that Tri-Aqua cleaning ticks all these boxes.

Find a company with a great reputation

There are a lot of different professionals who can help you out when you need to get carpet cleaning, so check into their reputation first and foremost. Look into their rating with the Better Business Bureau and other boards so that you are always in good hands in that regard. You should also find the help of companies that have great reviews throughout the Internet.

Make sure they use the best, most environmentally sound cleaning products

You look to give service from a carpet cleaning professional in your area, be sure that you do research into the types of products that be used. From a health perspective, look into companies that use green friendly cleaning products as opposed to harsh chemicals. They will be able to give you the best service possible without damaging your carpets or compromising your health.

Ask about their prices

It is vitally important that you also shop around for the best price from any carpet cleaning company that you decide to do business with. Ask for their prices in writing so that you can always keep your budget under control as opposed to overspending. Since there are a lot of different carpet cleaning contractors available to you, don’t jump on the first set of prices that you see. Instead, get a number of different estimates before you decide to sign a contract and spend money.

We suggest that you might want to follow these tips to the best of your ability in order to find an excellent carpet cleaning company that stands out from the pack. Do your due diligence and find the best professionals available in your area.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Business-level carpet cleaning standards are our standard.

Commercial carpet cleaning can require specialist attention in a way that domestic cleaning often may not.  Consider, for example, commercial carpet cleaning of a large scale and well-trafficked cafeteria or, perhaps, a requirement need for daily cleaning of a large office complex or school/college. These introduce factors of scale, scheduling and, often, regulations that a homeowner won’t face.

As a customer of a commercial cleaning service, you will want to be reassured that you are partnering with a business that has plenty of commercial carpet cleaning experience, whether as a one-off requirement or on a recurring basis. To be assured that you can trust the management and quality of work to leave you free to focus on the business itself.

Tri-Aqua Cleaning is familiar with these challenges and has the experience and expertise to deliver the quality of large-scale carpet cleaning service you will be looking for. We can also build a more comprehensive package to cover more diverse office cleaning requirements if needed.

With our experience, training and flexibility, we think we can successfully deliver for you but if you are planning to compare services, we have learned the following factors are essential in a commercial carpet cleaning partnership.

Characteristics To Look For In A Commercial Carpet Cleaning Company

If you are searching for best commercial carpet cleaning solution or partner then please consider the following;

Do They Have The Right Equipment For The Scale Of Job

There are carpet cleaning services that only do residential jobs and they aren’t a good fit for commercial work. So no matter what you read online or in advertisements, make sure you call and ask if they can help you with your specific requirement. Most importantly, they may need or have access to industrial carpet cleaning equipment that is essential for larger projects, so confirm they do.  We at Tri-Aqua Cleaning are used to larger projects and the equipment and skill needs that go with them.

Are They Trusted By Others For Commercial Work

Companies that have a good reputation tend to be more trustworthy than those with a terrible one, and this is especially true in the world of Commercial carpet cleaning. Reviews are one way to learn more about a company, but you have to be careful when looking at them. You will want to find detail on other work they have done and should avoid trusting a one sentence review that says they were good or bad. We believe a partner should be able to provide such reassurance and we can.

Are They Able To Work Within Your Business Schedule

This is one of the core essentials of a good commercial carpet cleaning partnership. If you have a business to run, you may not want your company operating machines during office hours or periods of expected high volume business. Either way, you will want to call and ask whether they can come out and work around your schedule and plans. This is also a good time to ask for the price of the service so you know what you’ll have to pay if your cleaning partner operates outside normal business hours.  We see this often at Tri-Aqua Cleaning and are very used to tailoring bespoke scheduling to fit the needs of our business or local authority partners.


Commercial Office Cleaning

We know the ingredients for a successful Office cleaning partnership.

Tri-Aqua Cleaning has been delivering our cleaning services for office in South Wales for many years and we understand the level of service our customers need to properly reflect the image and standards of their business. Maintaining a clean and healthy environment at work is very important, from influencing morale through to first impressions with a new, potential client. Office spaces need to be clean, fresh-looking and inviting for both staff and visitors. Furthermore, we know that our office cleaning services need to fit around the business and employees on a business and personal level. As a commercial cleaning company, we are familiar with the need to work outside normal business hours but also the importance of not leaving the environment odourless and fume-free. We take pride in the fact our methods for office cleaning are employee-friendly so your staff don’t have to worry about chemicals and fumes lingering around when they need to focus and concentrate.

When discussing their needs with customers, we see the same three areas of concern cropping up time and time again.

  • Glass surfaces and door panels with fingerprints that the current provider just doesn’t seem to consistently deal with.
  • Office cubicles and the working environment not dusted (and we know that high area dusting such as vents and ducts are essential to solving this).
  • Bathrooms not cleaned properly and left fresh and inviting for the working day.

If those problems are part of your office cleaning experience then we are very familiar with both the set of issues and the way to reliably and consistently deal with them. Our current clients agree and we’re very pleased to receive their positive feedback but we’re also always looking to improve our service. We value that feedback just as much.

Of course, we expect you to compare us with others in the same area but we’re confident our services and pricing model will compete with the best. We know that partnerships are built on trust and we look to build ongoing relationships with corporate customers that will last. Nonetheless, if you do want to go head wit some comparisons then in or experience it’s worth looking over these three areas with a prospective new Office cleaning provider.

A couple Of Features Of A Great Office Cleaning Service

What should an office cleaning service be able to offer you? If you need someone to professionally clean for you, they need to meet some rigid requirements. Make sure the services you get are worth the investment by making sure your boxes are ticked in these two main areas.

They Have Enough Experience In The Right Areas

A big part of what makes a cleaning service good is how much work they have done for others in the past. You can generally find out if a company is skilled by learning about when they were started. If, for instance, they have been around for 10 years then it’s obvious they are doing things right.

There are, however, companies that have been around for a while that are not that good. That’s why it comes in handy to find a few reviews. Look at the positive, negative, and neutral ones for a well-rounded view of what they are like. No service is perfect, and not all of them that have one bad review are bad either.

Pricing Is Competitive

Why do business with a company that charges more than the market average? Unless they are well known for being the only company in the area that’s good, they should stick with a fair price. Make a list of what company charges what, and make sure you find out what commercial office cleaning rates they charge by the job or by the hour.

When you make a list, you can then sort it from the highest to lowest prices. For places with very high prices, look at reviews to see if they are better than the others and that’s why they charge more. If a place has a really low rate, then research reviews to see if that’s because they are not very thorough.