SPMU & Microblading

Bespoke semi permanent makeup & microblading therapy in Suffolk.

About our SPMU & Microblading service

Bespoke semi permanent makeup & microblading therapy in Suffolk. At Ostara Therapies your cosmetic priorities are extremely important and we are glad to introduce our Level 4 VTCT accredited Micro pigmentation & Microblading therapies. Vicki is a highly trained therapist who takes into consideration your needs and wants and will always look to accommodate, whilst advising you on the best course of action.

Why Have Micro pigmentation or Microblading?

Micropigmentation or SPMU is a method of implanting pigment into the skin via machine method. It is a tattoo and suitable for those who have had previous treatments or aren’t suitable for microblading. Areas covered are brows, lips and eyeliner. It can achieve hair strokes, powder effects, blush & ombre. Microblading is a manual method of implanting pigment into the skin. It can achieve natural looking hair strokes, shading effects and ombre. Mainly used on the brows. Not everyone is suitable for micro blading such as oilier skin types as the pigment may not retain as well as it does with SPMU. They are both tattoos & can both achieve wonderful results; it will be after consultation that you will be guided to the most suitable method for you.

Advantages include:

  • Great for over-plucked/sparse brows
  • If you're tired of filling in brows or drawing on eyeliner
  • Struggling with symmetry of lips or brows, then look no further
  • Play sports and need lasting make up
  • Natural looking enhancement of features
  • SPMU lasts for up to 1-2 years
  • Microblading lasts up to 1 year
  • After initial treatment a top up is included after 4-6 weeks.
  • These are just some of the benefits SPMU/ microblading can achieve.

The Process

Your journey begins with a thorough consultation where a patch test is conducted and a thorough medical form.From this you will be advised as to the best procedure for you. Your initial treatment will look at colour matching and measuring you. Your new shape will be drawn on and shown to you. Numbing will be applied and the process starts. Aftercare advice will be given and in 4-6 weeks time you will need a top up application. 

Please be weary of anyone offering these therapies who are not licensed, uninsured or offering on a mobile basis as this is illegal. The treatments we offer comply with the industry standards that have recently changed & upgraded. Our prices reflect this to give you the best results possible

Price List

Powder Brows/ Hair strokes (microblading)


Bespoke combination or Ombre brows


Eye lash enhancement (enhancing of the lash line)


Eye Liner top or bottom


Both lash lines


Colour boost- within 1-3 months of treatment

£80- one session (light touch up from previous work rather than reworking whole area).

Colour boost- within 3-6 months

£120- one session- full boost over brows.

Colour boost- 6-11 months

£180- one session.

Over 11 months

full price- includes 2 sessions, initial & top up.

Get in touch if you have any questions

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Microblading & SPMU Training.

At Ostara Therapies & Training Academy we are pleased to offer Accredited training in the popular microblading and semi permanent makeup machine method. Microblading & SPMU Training is very personal to you and to reflect this we offer one to one or small group training in two fully licensed premises.

Our  Microblading & SPMU Training is accredited with ABT where you be able to gain insurance and membership if you wish. Our pricing is structured around course duration and for maximum quality all those new to such treatments will need to do a two, three or full five day course. We do however offer a one day refresher course for those already trained and looking to update their skills.

Our courses are flexibly structured giving you the option to either build up on techniques or to take a full diploma. Due to our courses being on a one to one or small group basis we do not set particular dates but arrange days to suit both you and the tutor. Your manuals are sent out prior to the practical for you to work through before attending your practical session. All theory regarding anatomy, health and safety, laws, techniques and business set up is covered, giving you comprehensive knowledge. Your case studies are completed within the practical dates under observation of your tutor.  Kits included in the price apart from the one day refresher course

Why not take a look at our courses on offer and give us a call or message today to start you on a new journey within the world of aesthetics. 

SPMU Full Diploma 5 days

Covers: eyeliner and lash enhancement lip liner & blush brows- powder & machine hair stroke Assessments & Theory

cost £3100

Microblading Diploma 3 days

Covers: Manual microblading techniques of the brows Assessments & theory

cost £1900


eyeliner and lash enhancement Assessments & Theory

cost £1500

SPMU Lips ONLY 2 days

lip liner & blush Assessments & Theory

cost £1500

SPMU Brows ONLY 2 days

brows- powder & machine hair stroke Assessments & Theory

cost £1500

Refresher Course 1 day

Refresh previous knowledge. Proof of previous qualification must be shown.

cost £1000